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The Agents Directory
The Agents Directory
In The Agents Directory: Everything You Need To Know To Sell Your Book Or Script by editor-turned-agent Rachel Vater is a veritable compendium of insider information on what a literary agent does, instructions on how to tell a good agent from a bad one, and practical advice on how to approach an agent by mail or at a writer's conference. Avoiding agencies that won't accept new writers or who will charge novice writers money up-front just to read their manuscript, The Agents Directory focuses upon identifying the best literary and script agents who are looking for new author clients. Each individual listing is complete with detailed, up-to-date information about what type of work that particular agent accepts, other authors represented, recent sales, contract information, and submission guidelines.

With detailed instructions for writing query letters (complete with examples), a bonus directory of American and Canadian writing conferences, an an extensive list of writer's organizations, The Agents Directory is the the ideal guidebook and instructional reference for aspiring writers wanting to get their work published as profitably as possible.

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